Awareness, Attention, Presence

A reputation for excellent bodywork.

To speak of how my massage is different, and it is different, is to speak of the subtleties of touch. I work usually at two levels at once, sometimes three.

There is both an energy and a presence in touch, and when those two things harmonize with those same energies in your body, a third element of touch unfolds, flow. My observation is that muscles love to feel that flow moving through them. But few people allow themselves that freedom in their "normal" reality.

Tension is something we speak of as "carrying" around, like a handbag looped over our shoulder. A common question by massage therapists at the beginning of a session is "Where do you carry your tension?" I'm more interested in "Do you know how to put it down?" The baggage. Do you know how to take the bag off your shoulder and put it down?

I can show you. While I am working the tension out of your muscles, I am showing them the difference between being contracted, and being relaxed. Showing your body what it can feel like to be relaxed in a way that it will understand. In a way it will remember.

I have a style of working with the body that is deceptively easy to relax into. One that draws your attention out of the story of your mind and into the experience of your body. When you relax deeply into your body, a portal opens. Not always, but it does happen.

I work at whatever level you are at. There are those who need coaxing to relax, and those who know how to let go. There are those who cannot feel the presence in touch, and those who can. There are those who are not aware of their light body, and those who are.

My massage is a new way for you to experience your body. Think of it as a guided meditation into your body.

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